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  • Barton Wood

We are #NAlFAproud of our New Mexico chapter

When Lynda Turner - Executive Director of NAlFA’s New Mexico chapter and herself a loyal member since 1987, called for members in her state to get more engaged with their professional association by participating in one of NAIFA's weekly on-boarding and orientation Zoom meetings, she got a strong response.

And it wasn't just from new members. Randal Wimsatt, a loyal NAIFA member since 1979, immediately answered the call with the observation, "You are either green and growing or ripe and rotten."

It's an attitude Turner encourages. She pointed out that the orientation sessions provide information on programs and upcoming events that will help any NAIFA member get the most value from their membership and are valuable even for association leaders who need to be up to date on what's happening. The sessions are held every Monday at 3 p.m. eastern, and a registration form is online at the NAIFA members' portal.

NAIFA-NM has proven a strong promoter of association engagement, with leaders actively participating in NAIFA webinars and events. Earlier this year, Turner was very active on social media informing NAIFA-NM and NAIFA-Nation about her experiences at the Performance + Purpose virtual conference.

The chapter also had a strong showing at NAIFA's Congressional Conference, with Turner, Wimsatt, chapter President Adam Miller (loyal member since 2018), Immediate Past President Kayla Hebb (loyal member since 2015). Government Relations Chair Kenneth Bottari. CFP, (loyal member since 2014), and IFAPAC Chair David Roemback, CPCU. (loyal member since1993) among those in attendance.

Grassroots advocacy is not only active at the federal level. NAIFA-NM’s annual Day at the Roundhouse is an event that connects chapter members with their state lawmakers to tell their professional stories and discuss how legislation affects their businesses and clients.

The chapters leadership is also on display at the national level with NAIFA-NM's own Aprilyn Geissler (loyal member since 2005) serving on NAIFA’s Board of Trustees.

Across the Land of Enchantment, NAIFA members' engagement with their professional association is on the rise. Keep up the good work!

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