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Recap of NAIFA NM's Productive In-District Meeting with Field Representative Nicolas Maestas

Date: September 27, 2023

NAIFA NM, a leading professional association dedicated to advocating for financial advisors, recently organized a highly successful In-District Meeting in Albuquerque. The meeting provided a valuable platform for NAIFA NM representatives to engage with Field Representative Nicolas Maestas from Senator Ben Ray Lujan's office. This article highlights the meeting's focus on two crucial topics: the Independent Contractor Rule and Financial Literacy.

Engaging with Field Representative Nicolas Maestas:

NAIFA NM's esteemed board members, namely Edward Dunn (Grassroots Chair), Lynda Turner (Chapter Executive Director), and Michael McCaffrey (Vice President of Advocacy), played a pivotal role in leading the discussion with Field Representative Nicolas Maestas. Together, they explored various aspects related to the Independent Contractor Rule and the pressing need to enhance Financial Literacy.

Independent Contractor Rule:

During the meeting, NAIFA NM board members conveyed their concerns and insights regarding the Independent Contractor Rule. This rule has substantial implications for financial advisors and their clients. By engaging in a thoughtful and constructive dialogue, NAIFA NM emphasized the importance of ensuring fair regulations that offer flexibility and support for independent contractors while also protecting the interests of consumers. Field Representative Nicolas Maestas acknowledged these concerns and expressed a willingness to advocate for balanced and reasonable policies.

Financial Literacy:

In addition to addressing the Independent Contractor Rule, NAIFA NM representatives seized the opportunity to discuss the significance of Financial Literacy. They emphasized the need for initiatives aimed at equipping individuals with essential financial knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their financial well-being. Field Representative Nicolas Maestas showed a keen interest in this issue and acknowledged the importance of promoting Financial Literacy within their legislative agenda.


The In-District Meeting held on September 27, 2023, between NAIFA NM and Field Representative Nicolas Maestas proved to be a fruitful exchange of ideas and concerns. Edward Dunn, Lynda Turner, and Michael McCaffrey effectively represented NAIFA NM's interests, advocating for fair regulations related to the Independent Contractor Rule and emphasizing the importance of improving Financial Literacy. As NAIFA NM continues to advocate for financial advisors and their clients, their engagement in such meaningful dialogues plays a crucial role in shaping policies that benefit the industry as a whole.

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