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The NAIFA Professional Development System has been created to provide NAIFA members, at every stage of their career, with the resources they need to succeed! NAIFA's rich array of professional programs and products are designed to enhance member's knowledge and skills, provide value-added business services, and create critical networking and mentoring opportunities-when, where and how you want them!



As a member, you'll have access to these resources along with notification about new content and helpful information as it becomes available. 

  • NAIFA SmartBrief – a daily e-mail newsletter providing insurance and financial advising professionals a quick, two-minute read that will help keep you up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry. News stories are meticulously picked for content and delivered straight to your inbox.

  • NAIFA Virtual Library – a repository of online sales tools and resources including fact finders, concept pages, specimen documents and client presentations.

  • NAIFA Webinar Series – monthly events feature timely information and training on topics of interest including government relations, practice management, sales, prospecting, and marketing.

  • NAIFA Online Seminar  Series – 24/7 access to online training on such topics as succession planning, hiring an assistant, and thriving in the first three years in the business. Also includes downloadable materials to supplement the web content.

  • The Value Pitch Process ™ – A four-step process for re-designing your elevator pitch.


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Support Our Industry ~ Protect Your Clients


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Our NAIFA community spans all 50 states and US territories. Despite the diversity found in the type of work that our members are doing, the characteristics of who joins NAIFA is the same. 



  • value personal leadership & have typically held leadership roles throughout their life in school, sports & the community

  • wholly support the American values of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness

  • value the democratic process and actively understand the power of their voice & vote

  • are dedicated and determined to create unique solutions that are optimal for each client

  • passionately pursue personal & professional excellence

"It Pays To Be a Member"


Join NAIFA today!

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