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NAIFA - New Mexico to Hold Day at the Roundhouse Advocacy Event

Financial professionals will meet with lawmakers to tell how they serve Main Street consumers and discuss policy matters important to their clients.

The New Mexico chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA - New Mexico) is sponsoring a Day at the Roundhouse legislative advocacy event providing association members opportunities to meet their state legislators in Albuquerque.

The event will take place Wednesday, January 29, at the state Capitol.

NAIFA - New Mexico members will meet their elected officials on the House Floor prior to the legislative session. They will then have more formal meetings in the afternoon. Among the issues slated for discussion are:

  • Support for changes to the New Mexico Work and Save Act to: remove potential conflicts with the federal SECURE Act, better encourage employer-sponsored retirement plans, ensure that plans under the measure do not default to Roth IRAs and do allow employer contributions, and ensure that a state marketplace does not excessively limit investment options.

  • Oppose the possibility of a single-payer health insurance system in New Mexico.

  • Support for bills that would reduce or repeal the state tax on Social Security benefits.

NAIFA members will also provide lawmakers with examples and stories illustrating the important work they do on behalf on New Mexico families and small businesses, helping their clients achieve financial security and prosperity.

“NAIFA is the only professional membership association for agents and advisors with a robust political advocacy presence in every state," said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mexico. "Legislative events, like NAIFA - New Mexico’s Day at the Roundhouse, ensure that state policymakers are aware of the vital services, products, and guidance insurance and financial professionals provide l\/lain Street consumers. They also ensure elected officials understand how laws and regulations affect the ability of all financial professionals to serve their clients’ best interests.”

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